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Bagacrete ® is our patented technology for construction with natural fibers. Zegreenlab Construction presents a unique blend of plant fibers such as hemp, bagasse, and rice pellets that are used to create panels, blocks, and furniture.

This is a material that stands out for its insulating and hygroscopic features, in other words, it maintains optimal levels of humidity and temperature.

It’s not load-bearing and is always used in conjunction with a supporting structure made of wood, metal, or concrete.



Bagacrete® blocks are a sustainable and revolutionary solution for wall construction, not only because they incorporate the advantages of traditional masonry but also due to their commitment to sustainability.

Their careful production contributes to a better environment and improves the indoor atmosphere of buildings.

They are lightweight and easy to install, surpassing other options in the construction market. The design contributes to a more comfortable building.


We offer lime plasters in a variety of textures and colors, created exclusively by Zegreenlab.


Prefabricated Modules

We offer several types of prefabricated modules which are easy to install by workers on the job site. These methods reduce waste and ensure that the material is delivered fully cured and properly installed.

Structural panels

These are our most extensive panels with Bagacrete®. We make them according to plan specifications including electrical wiring and other details. They are finished with beautiful lime plasters. The panels are made with solid frames of teak wood harvested from certified forests.


Cladding panels

These panels are fixed to vertical studs and form a smooth Bagacrete® wall. These are best suited to hybrid walls combining different cladding materials.



by Zegreenlab Construction

This furniture collection is born in the edge of the Pacific Ocean, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This place attracts so many for its majestic beauty and peaceful living.

We draw from the vegetable, mineral, and ocean kingdom to stimulate your home experience with natural pieces straight from the Blue Zone, cradle of health and longevity.

Hempcrete Hera

Hestia Coral Stone
End Table

Chloe Hemplime
Side Table

Hera Tourmaline
Bagastone® Table

Athena Bagacrete®
Planter Bench.

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