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Natural Construction
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Zegreenlab Construction offers an innovative and sustainable solution for construction: Bagacrete® blocks.

This choice is ideal for those who seek to build with ecological consciousness, using high-quality and naturally sourced materials.

It provides a flexible and resilient internal configuration, while having a sustainable integration with the Costa Rican tropical climate.

Innovative Ecological

Bagacrete® is the name for our patented construction material. Zegreenlab Construction uses a unique blend of natural fibers; including hemp, sugar cane bagasse, and rice husks for building.

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Residential Architecture

Every customer is different, just like any residential project. We create products, techniques, and designs to build a dream home.

Interior Design

Enhance your interior design with unique wall features and restoration or decorate with our exclusive line of furniture made with fiber concrete.


Commercial Venues

Treat your clients to a memorable experience at your business location. Our fine and natural detailing methods will gain the attention of your customers, while they enjoy the improved acoustic of the venue.

Community Projects

Discover the details and impact of the community projects that used our products and technics.

Special Features


Diseñamos locales comerciales o los remodelamos con nuestro método de construcción natural.

Asiento de Hempcrete

Asiento de Hempcrete

Asiento de Hempcrete

Asiento de Hempcrete

Asiento de Hempcrete

Asiento de Hempcrete

Asiento de Hempcrete

Asiento de Hempcrete

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