3D & Rendering

At Zegreenlab Construction, we take pride in incorporating innovation and sustainability into each of our 3D designs and rendering projects.
All our designs are strategically developed to take full advantage of our Bagacrete® blocks. This is a unique blend of plant fibers, such as hemp, bagasse, and rice husk, used to create blocks and furniture. This blend is known for its insulating and hygroscopic qualities, which help maintain optimal levels of humidity and temperature in all our projects.

Family Compound

A complex of 3 units, with a total of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a fully equipped common area.

Surf Shack

An exclusive and inviting design proposal of 30 m2.

Jungle Hideaway

138 m2 project, with 2 levels, master bedroom, bathroom, and pool deck.

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